Our Story

Since 2012, CrossFit Philia has been a community of individuals working together in their fitness journeys. Our founders, Ian and Denise Barnhouse, started CrossFit Philia out of their passion for the fitness industry and for helping enrich people’s lives through physical training. That tradition continues still today with our current owners and the strong, diverse community at CrossFit Philia!


It is at the root of our name, Philia, ancient Greek for brotherly love, friendship and affection. This is what happens every day in our growing community. We support, encourage and cheer each other on and celebrate incremental achievements in our fitness while forming lasting friendships and having fun. Lasting transformation comes with a supporting community and family. We are growing ours at CrossFit Philia.


WHAT we do at CrossFit Philia: We build individuals’ work capacities over broad time and modal domains while fostering an environment of community that encourages and supports lasting lifestyle change.


HOW we do it at CrossFit Philia: We utilize constantly varied, functional movements conducted at high intensity. We build community and support, not only by our presence in the box together doing WODs, but also by attending events in the community together, supporting each other in times of need and participating in events such as The Murph, Barbells for Boobs and others.


WHY we do what we do at CrossFit Philia: We BELIEVE that the continued pursuit of fitness, health and the supporting lifestyle changes can bring balance into daily life and improve the quality of life while battling chronic disease.

WHY CrossFit? CrossFit is different, and we encourage you to explore WHY if you have ever been interested, but hesitant. The underlying concepts are founded in science and the evidence for the methodology’s efficacy is rapidly amassing. It is a methodology and sport that are also supported by community, lifestyle and nutrition. It’s a sport where the person last to finish the workout receives more high fives than the person to finish first, and this happens every, single day in our box and the other CrossFit boxes around the globe. We believe it is not just about us, it us about public health and enriching people’s lives.

We encourage you to learn more about the CrossFit® philosophy and methodology at https://www.crossfit.com/what-is-crossfit. For those interested in more technical literature, you can visit the CrossFit Journal Link on our page and scroll to the archives dating back to Coach Glassman’s original articles.

Read all you want, but to truly understand, you just have to drop in and give it a try! We hope to see you soon!!